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CRX 2.1 Released

I'm proud and excited to see Day CRX 2.1 generally available. This first standalone release of our enterprise content repository product implementing the new JCR 2 (JSR 283) standard, and enabled for the upcoming CMIS standard, is a milestone in Day Software content technology and product strategy. The first release of CRX 2 technology, CRX 2.0 engineering controlled release embedded in our CQ 5.3 product, has been shipping already since January 2010.

Download the free developer edition of CRX for all your evaluation, development, and testing needs. Watch the product screencast on Follow the First Steps with CRX guide to web application development on CRX platform. You will discover the product features in the matter of minutes. 

Our enterprise customers and partners can download CRX from DayCare support platform. If you are interested in the enterprise license, contact our regional office. For smaller projects developed using the CRX developer edition, which need to go into production, you can order our competitively priced CRX ONE edition. Projects based on Apache Jackrabbit can also benefit from CRX enterprise or ONE edition's commercial offering & support thanks to drop-in compatibility with CRX.

This release is the result of industry cooperation in defining the JCR 2 and CMIS standars, open source community providing the reference implementation of JCR and other modules used in CRX, and our customers, partners, and developer edition users providing us with valuable feedback and challenging enhancements requests. I'd like to thank you for this great cooperation on behalf of Day's highly motivated and qualified delivery team, who have made every effort to ensure it is a great product release.

For more information, see Release Notes and product online documentation at, and knowledge base articles.

Also, do not miss the upcoming events related to CRX 2.1:

  • Mark the date for the CRX 2.1 Launch Webinars on Thursday, May 6th, 2010: for Europe at 11 a.m. CEST and for US at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET.
  • Participate in Day's IT Agility Cup development competition for developers of composite content applications, with categories including Innovative JCR Application, Innovative CMIS Application, and Innovative Mobile Application.


  • By Greg Klebus - 6:33 PM on May 02, 2010   Reply
    FYI I fixed the broken link to the IT Agility Cup, thanks for pointing out Joerg [1]!