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Try the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform

Today we put the 60-day trial version of ADEP ready to download. Here a short summary what that means for folks with knowledge on CRX and CQ5.

ADEP, or long "Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform" consists of two servers:

The 1st is called Experience Services and is based on CRX 2.2. We packaged additional stuff into it, to make it the perfect companion for developers working with Adobe Flash Builder.

The 2nd is Java EE based and is call Document Services and can be install into JBoss, WebSphere or WebLogic. It contains all the sweet PDF and process management stuff.

Both servers work together - the CRX-based Experience Services has an OSGi service layer to transparently access functionality on the Document Services side - further can it be used as authentication source (similar to LDAP).

On top of the two services we run Customer Experience Solutions. Among them is CQ5, with it's new name "Web Experience Management". The CQ release included in the solution package is based on CQ 5.4.

What does that mean for you?

No big news on the pure CRX and CQ5 front - but a lot of new stuff to discover and get familiar with, that is based on the technology you know.

Mind that the Document Services install needs more resources than you are used to with CRX and CQ5. Further due to it's PDF conversion features it relies on native software being installed. I got best results using Windows Server 2008 R2 on a dedicated box. Make sure you check the system requirements and install steps for save guidance.

With that - feel free to skip a meeting and install ADEP.

Any question about pricing - please contact your favorite account manager.



  • By Paco - 11:32 AM on Aug 24, 2011   Reply
    What happened with ADEP CES package ? it looks that link to trial version dissapperead recently.