AEM Releases

AEM provides a complete suite of applications that enable organizations to optimize their online communications. All release documentation, including legacy documentation, is available.

CRX Releases

CRX is a commercially packaged version of the Apache Jackrabbit and Sling open source projects and a powerful web application development solution. Find release documentation here.

JCR Connectors

All Adobe JCR Connectors expose content via the standard JCR interface, enabling applications to access content that resides in a proprietary repository in a standardized manner.

AEM Basic

Adobe Experience Manager is a core product of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

AEM Standard

Adobe Experience Manager Standard edition extends the functionality available. It includes digital asset management and has more capabilities than Basic.

It includes everything in AEM Basic plus:


AEM can be combined with several add-on product modules. These modules enhance the performance of the infrastructure, make complex systems easier to manage and enable our products to run in specific environments.


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Training & Support

Become a AEM or CRX expert with our high-quality training. Get formal support from us. These resources will get you started.