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Screencast: First Steps with CRX Quickstart

In the next days we will release CRX Quickstart. CRX Quickstart bundles CRX and Apache Sling into one installer. This allows you to get going very quickly with JCR-backed web development. In this 15min screencast I present first steps with CRX Quickstart. The code I use is attached to this post.

Update: for doing the examples yourself with current versions of Sling or CRX Quickstart please see the errata before.

* firststeps1.wmv


  • By Christian Sprecher - 1:43 PM on Apr 10, 2008   Reply
    gg :)<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>Looking forward for the next installement<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>What I am unsure atm: is the jst stuff executed on the client or the server side? Esp's used to be executed on the server side...<br/><br/>
  • By Michael Marth - 1:59 PM on Apr 10, 2008   Reply
    Yep, jst's are executed on the client although they look like server-side code.<br/><br/>Of course, you can also use eps's (which execute on the server-side) and mix and match as you like.
  • By Carl Lehman - 2:13 PM on Apr 10, 2008   Reply
    This is great! I am glad you put this together. It's really a great way for someone to see how to get started with a JCR and the Sling Framework. I am looking forward for the complete series. (also a possible book in the future)
  • By Felix Nagel - 6:25 PM on Jan 18, 2009   Reply
    If the code is mainly executed on the client side, what about SEO and accessibility? No JS means no content. Am i right?
  • By Michael Marth - 7:37 AM on Jan 21, 2009   Reply
    Felix, for the jst templates the node content is also included in the response, so the content is there for SEO purposes.
  • By Kirk Neeha - 1:55 PM on Apr 21, 2009   Reply
    Hi,<br/><br/><br/><br/>is it also possible to provide files wihtin the content?<br/><br/><br/><br/>Cheers
  • By Michael Marth - 7:28 AM on Apr 22, 2009   Reply
    Kirk, you mean if static files can be served from the repository? Yes, of course! Just put them into thre repo e.g. via WebDav, that's all.
  • By mp10 - 7:33 PM on Mar 26, 2010   Reply
    if i ask something, someone will answer? or it's a too old post for that?
  • By Hiep Bui - 11:54 AM on Apr 22, 2011   Reply
    Why result of sling:resourceType, cq:lastModified have no values ?

    What is wrong with the code below?
    <script src="/system/sling.js"></script>
    <script>var node=Sling.getContent("/content/mygeometrixx/en/products/product1/jcr:content");</script>